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Lindsay Blass, , Child Psychologist

Lindsay Blass Child Psychologist

Dr. Lindsay Blass is available as an on-site parenting consultant and evaluator.

Contact Dr Blass at or
(914) 222-1275

A bit about me: I grew up on Long Island and obtained my B.A. in psychology from Mount Holyoke College.  I received M.S. and Psy.D. degrees in Combined School-Clinical Psychology at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology in the Bronx, where I completed my internship at NYU Child Study Center.  After receiving my degree, I served as psychologist and eventually program director for the Center for Child Development at Queens Hospital Center, where I evaluated infants and toddlers for developmental delays and assessed school-age children for learning and attention issues.  Here, I also worked closely with the hospital NICU and obtained certification as a Happiest Baby Educator.  My husband and I then spent five years in Northern Virginia, where I worked on the Early Childhood Assessment Team for Fairfax County Public Schools as well as in private practice.  After moving to Fairfield County, I worked briefly at The Soifer Center in White Plains before transitioning into private practice.  I currently also work part-time at The Southfield Center, conducting psychoeducational evaluations as well as individual therapy. My husband and I have two young boys who keep us very busy!
As a member of the Village Pediatrics team, I meet with parents to discuss their various concerns related to parenting today.  Topics of discussion may include:
Toilet training
Separation anxiety
Adjusting to change (birth, death, move, divorce, etc.)
Academic performance (learning issues, attention and executive functioning challenges, anxiety)
Behavioral challenges
Developmental concerns
While many parenting challenges can be mitigated with a few “tweaks” in our approach and response to our children, sometimes there are difficulties that may require a greater level of professional support.  If it becomes apparent during our consultation that more intensive supports (e.g., ongoing therapy, psychiatric consultation, home-based intervention) would be beneficial, I will refer you to a provider in the community who would be best suited to your and your child’s needs.

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