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Learning and Behavior Problems: from Assessment to Treatment

A wonderful series of articles devoted to educating parents on how to guide your child through learning and behavioral difficulties. 

Part I:
Fearing a label: Why should my child be diagnosed?
This introduction helps parents pull through and aid their children in overcoming judgment placed on them. It also describes the benefits of a professional assessment of symptoms and stresses the importance and benefits of a professional diagnosis. 

Part II:
Who's who in learning and behavior testing?
This section offers a brief explanation of the process medical professionals undergo to help assess learning and behavioral concerns. It also explains the role each person plays in the diagnosis and treatment of children with behavioral and learning issues (i.e.. the teacher, the parent, psychiatrist, therapists, physician, etc.)

Part III:
Nutrition, Elimination, Diets, and Vitamins
This section covers "diets that have been recommended for various learning and behavioral benefits, including elimination diets, and supplements that might benefit."

Part IV:
Alternative treatments for ADHD
This section focuses on non-prescription and complementary alternative therapy for the treatment of ADHD. 

Part V:
This section goes into detail about prescription treatments used primarily for the management of ADHD. It also provides tips on getting started with treatment and explains risks/side effects.