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Not all vitamins are created equal. When choosing a vitamin, avoid:

  • Hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • Artificial dyes (Blue No. 2, Red No. 40, Yellow No. 6)
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Artificial flavors
  • Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame
  • Preservatives such as butylated hydroxytoluene

Recommended sources:

Chewable Multi-vitamins:

Teen vitamin with iron, calcium, and vitamin D:

Vitamin D supplements:

  • Carlson Vitamin D drops- 400 IU/dropper
  • Enfamil D Vi Sol- 400 IU/1 ml dropper

Chewable multivitamin with IRON

Gummy iron vitamin (be careful to avoid overdose due to candy-like presentation)

Liquid iron supplement

  • Ferretts IPS (strawberry flavor)- 40 mg/15 ml
  • NovaFerrum (grape raspberry)- infants 10 mg/ml, childrens 15 mg/ml
  • Fer-in-sol drops- 15 mg/ml iron
  • Poly-vi-sol- 10 mg/ml iron, plus multi-vitamins including 400 IU vitamin D

Powdered Pediatric Multi-Vitamin

Omega 3 supplements

Calcium supplements:

Type/Brand Name Elemental Calcium (mg)
Tums/Tums EX 200 or 300
Tums Ultra/Tums 500 400 or 500
Caltrate 600 600
Caltrate 600+D 600mg/400 IU Vit D
Os-Cal 500 500
Os-Cal D 500mg/200 IU Vit D
Viactiv 500mg/100 IU Vit D
OneADay Women’s 450mg/400 IU Vit D

Kiwi Magazine recently rated children’s vitamin supplements; visit this link to see the winners: