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Favorite Websites

American Dental Association wide variety of pediatric dental topics from first teeth to braces

The Car Seat Lady you have car seat questions, she's got all the answers!

Center for Disease Control (CDC) your go-to resource for vaccination information, infectious disease articles and travel advice

The Center for Pediatric Therapy a great resource for occupational therapy and speech/language services in Fairfield- their website's "what's trending" section has good book and app recommendations for children with sensory, speech and language, and spectrum related issues.

Mayo Clinic for reliable information on a huge variety of medical conditions

Children's Physician Network Every topic related to pediatric health and wellness imaginable can be found here.

Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania

KidsHealth Offers kid-oriented videos about how various body systems function.

One Place for Special Needs Online resource for a huge range of special needs services, advice and support (for an equally wide range of needs- from anxiety and ADD to learning disabilities, brain injury, and rare disorders.)

A Wonderful Resource for Special Needs Parenting From therapy to products and legal help.

Two Peds in a Pod Blog and podcasts on a variety of pediatric topics by two pediatrician-moms.

Seattle Mama Doc Blog written by a pediatrician/mom for Seattle Children's Hospital;  Dr. Swanson tackles a wide variety of basic pediatric issues including many timely pieces related to what is in current media.

Science of Mom Blog written by a nutritionist/mom covering a wide variety of parenting topics with an emphasis on nutrition and sleep.

Quest for Health  Pediatrician Kristen Stuppy writes practical, easily understandable posts on common pediatric illnesses and health maintanance.

Kids in the House a parenting website chock-full of fantastic videos and articles on difficult parenting issues such as bullying, discipline, special needs, educational challenges, divorce and more.

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) comprehensive website covering all you need to know about food allergy prevention and treatment. website devoted to food allergy education for home and school (parents, kids and teachers), great teaching tools and resources website devoted to exploring issues and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine (i.e. vaccine safety, homeopathy and chiropracty)

Asperkids an insider's guide to loving and understanding those with Asperger's Syndrome

AHAparenting Parenting tools and advice from Dr. Laura Markham, clinical psychologist, specializing in relationship-based parenting.

NetsSmartz Important Internet safety topics such as cyberbullying, sexting, social networking and other online risks. 

CommonSenseMedia An independent, non-profit organization that provides extensive information on media and digital activities for children, including ratings of a variety of media (movies, apps, television, etc.)

Understood Resources for learning disability, sensory integration and attentional disorders

The LD Navigator Comprehensive resource guide for parents of children with learning disabilities.

CHADD National resource site for children and adults with ADD/ADHD