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Dr. Nikki's Top Ten Newborn Tips

1. The only predictable thing about newborns is their unpredictableness. Don’t worry, this gets better by 3 months of age. This means if they sleep 6 hours one night it will probably be followed by a night of hourly waking!

2. Take a picture of your baby in a diaper next to a stuffed animal that’s about 25 inches tall. You will be amazed at the changes if you snap pictures at 2 weeks, 1 month and then monthly after that until your little bundle of joy is walking!

3. When someone asks how they can help, let your eyes slowly drift towards the dishwasher, washing machine, etc. Or say, “oh, I couldn’t ask you to do the laundry, but if you insist…” (or maybe they could write thank you cards!)

4. In general we both prefer doulas to baby nurses – they help more with the housework, breastfeeding education, etc.

5. Try to do as many thank you cards as possible before the baby is born

6. Dr. Weisbluth (author of my favorite sleep book Happy Baby, Healthy Sleep Habits) is right – Sleep begets sleep. Never wake a sleeping newborn (once their weight is stable and you have the ok from your pediatrician). If they want to sleep 5 hours during the day it doesn’t mean they won’t sleep at night. Just try to jump into bed or take some time for yourself when this happens (which will surely wake them up!)

7. Don’t avoid going out with your newborn – just avoid sick people. Once you can walk, you should be trying to get out as energy permits.

8. Take breastfeeding just one day at a time. I am proud of you for each additional day you do and your baby will thank you! Call for support.

9. It took my nipples 17 days to stop screaming “why are you putting razors on me?” every time the baby latched. Hang in there, it gets better. If it’s getting worse though, don’t hesitate to get help – us, lactation specialists, etc.

10.  Poop – If it’s not red, black, or white, don’t call me at night…
Stool changes daily with newborns until their about 2 months old. It’s all normal – once a day, 13 times a day, seedy, green, soft, liquidy. But if it’s red, black, or white, do call!

Newborns are wonderful, but all different. Don’t compare your baby to others. We are careful to monitor your baby’s development at every well check-up and will let you know if you need to worry! Even the fussy ones grow up great! (both myself and Dr. Jenn have evidence of that.)