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Newborn Packet

Dr. Jenn Gruen & Dr. Nikki Gorman
Village Pediatrics LLC
156 Kings Highway North
Westport, CT 06880

Welcome to parenthood!  We are honored to have been chosen as your family’s pediatricians, and hope we are part of many wonderful experiences you will have with your newborn(s).  As we have both been new mothers (6 times over!), we remember well, many exhausting and anxious hours spent comforting our infants and worrying about all aspects of their well-being.  We hope the following information helps prepare you for what lies ahead, and remember that no question is too silly or simple to ask.  We asked them once too!

General information regarding our hours, insurances accepted, and policies can be found in our business brochure, or on our website at  You will also find on our website links to many informative and interesting topics under “patient resources.”

You will soon find that a paper and pen are your best friends - to write down all those middle of the night questions and concerns.  If you have an urgent issue, the physicians are available 24/7, by calling the office phone (203.221.7337.)  For non-urgent questions, keep a running list for your baby’s next appointment, or call us if the list is getting long - during usual office hours please.

We look forward to long and healthy relationship with you and your newborn-

Dr. “Jenn” Gruen
Dr. “Nikki” Gorman