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Newborn Packet - Supplies and Information

Newborn supply list:

Rectal thermometer
Infant acetaminophen (Tylenol)- DO NOT use under 8 weeks of age without MD consent
Cotton balls
Bulb syringe
Saline nose drops (Baby Ayr, Little Noses, generic all fine)
Rubbing alcohol
Diaper cream (zinc oxide based- “white”)

Infant/Toddler supply list:

All of the above items
Medicine dropper
Diphenhydramine liquid (Benadryl)
Oral electrolyte solution (Pedialyte)
Infant or children’s ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil)
Basic first aid kit (hydrogen peroxide, gauze, band-aids, triple antibiotic cream)


Never take an infant in a vehicle without a car-seat.  All infants should be in the back seat, facing backwards, until at least 1 year of age AND 20 pounds. 
For car-seat recommendations visit or .
For installation advice, contact a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician by calling 866-SEATCHECK (866-732-8243) or visit .

Support services:

All children ages 0-3 with special needs are eligible to receive services thru CT State in a program called Birth to Three.  Candidates include premature or chronically sick infants, or infants with developmental delays.  You can contact the program at or call 800-505-7000.  Either a parent or physician can request a free evaluation.

Important numbers:

Poison control- 800-222-1222
Norwalk Hospital- 203-852-2000
Stamford Hospital- 203-276-1000
Quest diagnostics locator (lab)- 800-377-8448
Weston/Westport department of health- 203-227-9571,
Wilton department of health- 800-563-0174,
Norwalk department of health- 203-854-7776,