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Your Child's Visits - Eighteen Month Visit


Set an example- toddlers love eating ANYTHING off of an adult’s plate.


Start teaching water safety.
Teach your toddler never to enter a street or driveway alone, and always hold hands in parking lots/crossing streets.
Consider a toddler bed or mattress on the floor if your child can climb out of the crib.
Put a gate in their doorway, NEVER lock the child’s door.


Your toddler may be entering the “terrible twos” already- praise good behaviors, and distract your child from inappropriate or unsafe situations. 
Reserve NO for dangerous situations; make eye contact, say no firmly, then remove the child.
Physical punishment only teaches aggression. 
Tantrums are normal.  Ignore “demand” tantrums, offer reassurance or distraction for “frustration” tantrums until they pass.




Head Circumference


Pentacel #4 (DTaP, Hib, IPV), Hep A #2

Tylenol dose:


Next visit at two years of age