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Your Child's Visits - Fifteen Month Visit


Introduce a spoon or fork- try sticky foods first such as oatmeal, yogurt with cheerios or sticky rice
Most toddlers start eating less or getting pickier around this age.  Remember that healthy children will not starve if food is readily available.
Many develop food obsessions.  As long as the foods they prefer are nutritious, allow them to repeat favorites as they are likely to change over time.
Establish regular meal and snack times to avoid “grazing”- food should be eaten sitting down.  Small frequent meals are fine.
Limit whole milk to 24 ounces a day, and juices to 4 ounces a day.
Fluoride as directed.


Toddlers love to climb- take precautions in the house and playground.
Cook on back burners.
Make sure chemicals, cleaning products and medicines are stored HIGH behind a locked door.


STOP the bottle if not already discontinued
BRUSH teeth twice a day with a soft toddler brush or washcloth- only toddler paste (no fluoride) for now.
Try toys like blocks, DUPLOs, and puzzles with big pieces.




Head Circumference


Prevnar #4

Tylenol dose:


Next visit at eighteen months of age