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Your Child's Visits - One Year Visit


Your toddler is likely ready for most table foods.
NO whole nuts/peanuts, or other choking hazards such as hot-dogs, raisins, whole grapes, small candies.
Limit juices to 4 ounces a day- water or whole milk are the better beverages.
Switch from the bottle to a sippy cup or straw cup now- the earlier, the easier. 
If your child refuses milk in a cup, switch to alternate dairy sources for now (yogurt, cheeses, milk in oatmeal/mash potatoes.)
Fluoride as directed.


When your infant has reached 20 pounds AND 1 year you may turn her car seat front-facing (still with a 5 point harness.)
Be careful around water- a toddler can drown in several inches of water.
Never leave your toddler alone- he is an accident waiting to happen!


Read with your child, even if she turns pages quickly or switches books mid-story.
Talk with your child, start asking him questions and giving directions- you will be surprised how much he knows!




Head Circumference


MMR #1 and varivax #1 (chicken pox vaccine), Hepatitis A #1

PPD (tuberculosis test) for children “at risk”


Tylenol dose:


Next visit at 15 months of age