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Your Child's Visits - Six Month Visit


If your infant can sit without support, introduce a sippy cup or cup with straw (formula, breast-milk or water, no juices.)
New foods- meats, egg, fish, cheese, yogurt, stage 2 mixtures
Fluoride vitamins if you have well-water or use only bottled water.
NO honey due to risk of botulism.


At six months of age your baby should be capable of sleeping through the night, in a crib, and in a room separate from their parents (if this is your preference.)  A bedtime routine should be established at this age, regardless of where you choose to have your infant sleep.


If your infant ingests a potentially harmful substance, call poison control at 1.800.222.1222 (post this number by your phone and put it in your cell phone)
Time to childproof! 
Especially pay attention to electrical outlets, computer and electrical cords, cords on draperies/window shades, floor heaters, ovens.
Crawl around your house (!) at an infant’s height and remove all knick-knacks, non-toys from within their reach.
GATES at the bottom and top of all stairs.
Place all chemicals, medications and cleaning supplies up high (doors are not sufficient.)
LOWER the crib mattress once your child can pull to a sit.


Consider a professional baby-proofing company.
Think about creating a gated, “safe-room” for your infant to have free reign to explore.




Head Circumference


Pentacel #3(DTaP, Hib, IPV), Prevnar #3, Rotateq #3

Tylenol dose:


Next visit is at nine months of age