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The Practice

“Coming in is always a pleasure and I know my son is always in great hands!”

“We love the staff! Everyone is so friendly and I love that they know us on a first name basis. It reminds me of the small family practice I went to as a child. I feel really lucky that we came across you on a fluke. It was meant to be.”

“I think everyone at Village Pediatrics is terrific. There’s always a doctor to address my concerns after hours and on the weekends. Our in-office visits are always thorough and never rushed. That’s why I choose to stay even though my insurance is out of network!”

“When we first met Dr. Nikki & Dr. Jenn while shopping for a pediatrician my husband and I both felt we were having a ‘goldilocks moment.’ The combination of a small personal practice where everybody knows your name coupled with the clean, modern, and efficient practices and procedures helped us to know that Village Peds was ‘just right.’”

“As a mom, there are so many things we have to worry about with our kids in a given day. When one of them gets sick, there is something to be said for having an attentive pediatric office staff and fabulous pediatricians. It makes nursing our kids back to health a lot easier knowing that Village Pediatrics is there whenever we need you!”

“I always let friends know the quality care my boys receive. I hear a lot of complaints about other practices. Having a close and knowledgeable relationship with your child’s doctor makes parenting choices and decisions much easier. For my kids, going to the doctor is not a big deal. They have no fears.”

“I am extremely happy with the care my children receive at Village. The doctors are very caring. I especially love the personalized approach from the entire staff. It is a truly wonderful practice.”

“I love that I do not have to wait, the procedures are usually painless, and that you seem to look for both new and simple things to make the practice better—like the prickly things to take the pain out of shots.”

“Village Pediatrics is an amazing practice! We always receive superior care and exceptional service. Everyone in the office truly cares about the well-being of our children. We thank them for their dedication.”

“I love your practice. You are accessible. You treat patients with respect and the intelligence they deserve. You dig for answers, offer suggestions and alternatives and provide support. I honestly could not have asked for better pediatricians for my three children. Keep up the good work!”

“I absolutely LOVE this practice!”

“We love Village Pediatrics. My husband’s company switched insurance carriers and you don’t take Oxford, but there is no way we were leaving the practice. We came from a very large practice that we found to be a very stressful environment. I find my daughter is less anxious coming to the doctor in a more intimate, personal setting.”

“I could not be happier with the quality of care that my children receive. The doctors at Village Pediatrics are smart and caring. The way they relate to the kids and parents is amazing. Questions get answered and you really feel that you are taken care of.”

The Doctors

“Dr. Nikki is simply the best physician I have ever met. She is very caring and compassionate person. She has seen us through several difficult situations.”

“Rarely does one find a physician as dedicated, caring and competent as Dr. Jenn. She is such a standout—our favorite healthcare practitioner by a landslide.”

“Dr. Robin is extremely accessible. I have complete confidence in her ability to care for our son.”

“Dr. Nikki treats my daughters as if they were her own!”

“Dr. Jenn makes me feel like my children are her most important patients. She truly cares about their well-being and is always willing to talk about my concerns for as long as I need. She is extremely knowledgeable about developmental delays and therapies, which sets her above and beyond other physicians. She is dedicated, smart, caring and thorough. She has a comforting, gentle approach with my kids and they love her too! She is an absolute dream pediatrician. We are so lucky!”

“I saw Dr. Robin with my colicky newborn. I was going trough a through time, and she was incredibly encouraging and supportive, I felt as cared for as my daughter was.”

“We all LOVE Dr. Nikki! She has a way of making you feel like you are at a friend’s house getting great advice. She is always loving and patient with the kids. Her sense of humor always makes a trip to the doctor with a sick child more enjoyable. We just love her!”

“I had a very positive experience with Dr. Robin. She is able to explain things so that both the parent and child understand”

“Dr. Jenn is unparalleled.”

“We LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Nikki! My children love her, and I love her. My husband has only met her twice, but he was even impressed! Dr. Nikki always has a happy and supportive personality. She is very loving and patient with my children. She is what every parent wants when it comes to the doctor taking care of their kids.”

“We looooooooved Dr. Robin beyond words and are happy to be with your practice.”

“We think Dr. Jenn is awesome. She addresses all issues promptly and makes both of my boys feel very comfortable.”

“My friends had never heard of a pediatrician calling the patient to check in as Dr. Robin did when my daughter was very young and colicky. She goes above and beyond!”

“My boys think Dr. Nikki hung the moon. My son asks to see her even when he is not sick!”

“Dr. Jenn is the best! She is the most responsive physician I have ever dealt with (and there have been many). She knows how to talk with each of my children.”

“Dr. Nikki addresses all issues and never seems rushed. She speaks in a manner that both the parent and the child understand. She is empathetic and genuine.”

“Dr. Robin is smart and compassionate, and I trust her tremendously.”

“I love love love Dr. Jenn and could not ask for a better doctor!”

“Dr. Nikki is great to work with in meeting my children’s needs. She doesn’t just act like a pediatrician, but a counselor too!”

“We love Dr. Jenn. She is always thorough, caring and communicative. We never feel rushed, which is so rare. I never have concerns walking out of the office- We recommend this practice to friends at any opportunity.”

“How many children do you know who like to see a doctor? Well, my two boys love going to see Dr. Jenn and Dr. Nikki. In my 6+ years as a mother and having two prior pediatricians, I have not seen my boys feel as comfortable, welcomed and excited as they do when they visit both doctors. It helps as a parent to know that they are under the best care and that my worries and questions will be answered. Thank you for caring and being there when the boys need you.”

“We just recently switched our family to Village. At my daughter’s four year well visit she received her scheduled vaccinations- First time ever she didn’t cry! Dr. Jenn was so kind and gentle. Huge thanks for making a visit to the doctor’s FUN!”

“Is always impressive. Feels like a very intelligent friend. She has always eased my fears and given me spot on advice. I love that my daughters get to interact with such an intelligent woman.”

“We are relatively new to the practice - With each visit Dr. Nikki has spent significant time with my girls. She takes the time to listen to them and seems genuinely interested in their health as well as their well-being. The time with her is comfortable and comforting.”