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Does my child have ADD/ADHD?

If you suspect your child might have ADD/ADHD, please register your child on and use the invitation code: 2032217337. Once registered, please complete the following questionnaires: 
(Note: if you have already registered your child on CHADIS, there is no need to re-register them. Simply log into the profile you've already created and complete the questionnaires listed below.)
  • DSM-PC Diagnostic Questionnaire
  • Family Cardiac History
  • Vanderbilt Initial, Parent Informant
  • Pediatric Health Questionnaire for Adolescents (should be completed by the child if 15 years or older)
We also ask that you invite your child's educator(s) to complete the following questionnaires on
  • School Intervention Questionnaire
  • Vanderbilt Initial,Teacher Informant
‚ÄčOnce you have submitted the completed questionnaires, please call our office to set up an evaluation appointment.