Haiti Disaster Relief
Talking With Your Children About Disaster
Haiti Disaster Relief

Village Pediatrics will be sending extra medical supplies and medication samples to Haiti thru a wonderful organization called Project Cure.  If you have any unused non-prescription medications or medical supplies you would like to contribute, please drop them off at our office by friday.  Here is a link to a list of needed items:  ProjectCureHelpforHaiti
How to Talk to your Children about Disaster
The disaster in Haiti has sparked some interesting conversations in our homes about the situation.  The AAP has put together a nice informational piece on how to talk to your children about disaster, and prepare them for an emergency should one strike closer to home:  AAPHealthyChildren.

One way of relieving anxiety in children about such disaster situations is to offer them a means of helping- it shows them that we are part of a larger, worldwide community, one that would hopefully come to their aid should they ever need it.  In our house, allowance is divided into three- for saving, using and sharing.  I have matched my children's share contributions and we are going to send funds thru the American Red Cross.  I am also a big believer of hands-on help:  help your children identify a meaningful way to raise funds (a bake sale, a homemade art/jewelry sale), or spend some time cleaning out closets to find clothing, bedding, medical supplies and toys that can be donated.

Our hopes and prayers are with the victims of the earthquake...
Village Pediatrics
Dr. Jenn and Dr. Nikki

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