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Contact the Office

PHONE: for urgent appointments/questions- 24/7/365 

Always start with the office number (203) 221-7337. If we are not in the office, you will hear directions on how to leave a message for the on call physician.. Please DO NOT text or call our old google voice number, all calls must go through (203) 221-7337.

If you do not get a call or text back from us within 15-20 minutes, please call again!

After-hours coverage is for acute medical issues only-
please use the portal for more routine questions. Our website has many articles about the diagnosis and management of basic childhood illnesses, as well as weight-based dosing charts for acetaminophen, ibuprofen and diphenhydramine (Benadryl). 

Weather delays/closings will always be posted on our website, with updates sent via email- no need to call the after-hours number.

PORTAL: for non-urgent medical questions, appointment requests

You can send messages via your MyKidsChart portal any time of day or night. Most questions will be addressed by the end of a business day (not overnight, or on weekends/holidays). Some issues, such as behavioral questions, may be held until your primary pediatrician is available to answer.

Please do not portal about urgent issues- these deserve a phone call to the office. For urgent questions on weekends and holidays, please text or call the on-call physician, as the portal is not checked regularly during these times.

Photos: if you need to send a photo, you probably need an appointment. Rashes and lacerations need to be seen in living color/3D to adequately assess.

Does my child need an appointment? This is generally going to be at your discretion. If your child is acutely ill, you can consult our website medical articles which have been predominantly written by your VP physicians and contain the same advice we would give you by portal or phone. When in doubt, call for an appointment!

Prescription refills should be sent through the portal, please allow up to 48 hours for processing as these should be handled by your main pediatrician. If your prescription request is urgent (i.e. you need an inhaler for your wheezing child) please call.

Routine appointment requests can also be sent through the portal, please allow 2 business days for a response. 

Acute/sick same day appointment requests should be made by phone.


As a pediatric office, we see patients every day of the year. On weekends and holidays, we ask that you call or text us prior to 10 am if you feel your child needs to be seen for an acute medical problem. Later appointments are not always possible, but we can give you advice on whether to seek emergency care or how to administer home care until we can see your child.


One of your Village Pediatrics doctors is on-call at all times and we want to hear from you before you take your child to the ER or an urgi-care.

Village Pediatrics is a certified Level 3 NCQA Medical Home. We specialize in caring for kids. We have your child’s complete medical history, including allergies, medications, past illnesses and consults from specialists. All this information paints a picture of your child that allows us to provide the best care.